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Spirit Earth: Season 2 - Episode 3

Posted Date: April, 2013 | Length: 5:14 | Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

    This episode features the Emily Shane Foundation dedicated to promote the ideals of Emily Rose Shane, who was kind, compassionate, empathetic and willing to help anyone in need. The programs were created to honor Emily's essence and nature by helping others in her name. Exclusive interviews with her parents and Founders Ellen and Michel Shane, red carpet interviews and celebrities supporting to spread the SEA Programs and spread the kindness in the world by entering a good deed in the web site http://www.emilyshane.org

    : Jay Lee
    Creators: Nia Lyte, Claudia Hallowell
    Production companies: Shinca Online Entertainment, Claudia Hallowell Entertainment
    Executive Producers: Claudia Hallowell, Nia Lyte, Shin Koyamada
    Asscoiate Producer: Sara Molina
    Writer: Claudia Hallowell
    Edited by: Jay Lee (ScreemHQ)


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